Tom Hamilton

Tom is the Chief Executive Officer of Lumbercycle. Since its founding in August of 2016, Tom has worked tirelessly to bridge the gaps between arborists and lumber production within San Diego’s urban forestry community. As a member of the San Diego Fine Woodworker’s Association, the San Diego Woodturner’s Guild, and a woodworking student at Palomar College, he has been able to make a network of connections between artists and develop opportunities for those to utilize locally sourced urban lumber. As head grant writer, he has solidified the mission of the organization’s focus on education and community outreach through urban forestry, giving educational demonstrations to youth groups, lectures at the Green Building Conference, and writing successfully funded grant proposals on impacting disadvantaged communities. As a woodworker and sawmill operator, he navigates the front lines of understanding the potential for urban wood and how to promote it and market it as an affordable alternative to farmed or imported wood. As his new grant project takes form, he will test the limits of urban wood in the disadvantaged communities of National City.

Brett Ritchey

Brett is the chief operating officer of Lumbercycle. His background is in furniture making and lumber production. As the primary operator of the Palomar College urban forestry sawmill since 2009, he has extensive experience in procurement of logs, processing them into lumber with a variety of sawmills, drying it into a usable material with a variety of kilns and producing an end product with that material. In partnership with a local grant project, he has designed and overseen the production of a solar wood drying kiln which reduces the carbon footprint of a kiln and allows for bug infested wood to be dried on site, reducing the spread of the infestation. His extensive knowledge in sawmill operation makes him an exceptional candidate to oversee machine upkeep and maintenance, as well as job training opportunities for disadvantaged communities. His love for nature and the environment extends deeply into his work, as he masterfully transforms trees into finished heirloom furniture, diverting the carbon in those trees from the landfill.

Director / Sawmill Operator
Oton Gonzalez

Otto is a Lumbercycle director and sawmill operator. He studied woodworking at Palomar College and was a volunteer with their sawmill program before joining the Lumbercycle team. He creates beautiful works of wood turned art and aspires to make a positive impact on his home communities urban forest in Encinitas CA.

Woodmizer + Alaskan Sawmill Operator
John Page

John graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute’s Aeronautical Engineering program in 2014. For the following six years he was a professional mariner and commanded a counter piracy and maritime trade enforcement team during deployments to the South Pacific, Indian Ocean, and Persian Gulf.

With 10 years of blacksmithing experience he has worked as a public educator and in historical reproduction across the United States and taught in Buenos Aires, Argentina. With that experience he forges, fabricates, and repairs equipment for the mill yard.

He began woodworking as a luthier, bowyer, and in incorporation with ironwork, but now operates the Woodmizer and Alaskan sawmills.

Outside the mill he is a mountaineer, sport climber, cartographer and photographer.

Paul Duffield

Paul has a background in construction, education, facility administration and disaster logistics in the San Diego area.

Since he retired he has studied wooden furniture making and design. He designs his own pieces, often made by hand from urban lumber, and has exhibited his carving at the Design in Wood exhibit at the County fair. He volunteers in carving classes at Palomar College and is also involved in the SDFWA member shop.

While at Palomar college he became exposed to their urban lumber program, which led to his involvement with Lumbercycle. He believes that trees have a significant impact on the quality of urban life, and that when trees reach the end of their natural life, they should have a new life as furniture, art and useful objects.

Connor Cox

Connor is business professional and private investor. He holds a degree in economics from San Diego State University and demonstrates a strong understanding of finance and budgets. His experience in digital marketing and web development will also be an asset to the organization’s digital presence. As CFO of Lumbercycle he will ensure the organization meets its goals and operates within budget.

Brian Gonzalez

Brian was born and raised in Encinitas, CA. He has worked in the healthcare field and customer service field for most of my working career, when he heard about Lumbercycle and their mission he was intrigued and wanted to learn a new skill and help with their mission as well. He enjoys working outdoors and being hands on and looks forward to making a difference with Lumbercycle.

Lucas Mill Operator
David Laniado

David was born and raised in Israel and has spent his life working with his hands. The son of master carpenter, he was naturally attracted to the art of woodworking. After serving the Israeli army for 3 years, David experimented with many skills before dedicating 4 years of his life working and volunteering full time for Hagal Sheli, a non-profit organization running educational programs for at-risk youth. When he moved to CA in 2018 and learned about Lumbercycle's mission, he was excited to jump on board and is now the expert Lucas Mill operator.

Forest Resiliency Program Staff

Anton Endress

Tony’s life work has bridged environmental research and consulting, higher education, nonprofit engagement, & academic administration, largely in Illinois, before migrating back to California.

He holds a Green Infrastructure Certification from the Water Environment Federation, B.S. from Duquesne University and M.S. and Ph.D. from the University of Iowa. His environmental research career began in 1976 at the University of California’s Statewide Air Pollution Research Center, continuing at the Illinois Natural History, a research unit within the Illinois Department of Energy and Natural Resources, from 1980-90, and then as a member of the University of Illinois faculty through 2011. His research expertise focused on prairie and mitigated wetland restoration and species invasions. He is extensively published including more than 125 peer reviewed research articles and as co-author of Plant Health Care (1st & 2nd editions, International Society of Arboriculture).

He held varied academic appointments at the University of Illinois (Teaching Coordinator, Head Department of Horticulture, Founding Director of the Arboretum) and at the Illinois Natural History Survey (Assistant Chief for Planning, Head Section of Botany and Plant Pathology). His teaching portfolio includes ecosystem ecology, restoration ecology, sustainability, and field studies in Puerto Rico, Mexico, and the U.S. Currently he serves as Professor Emeritus, Department of Natural Resources & Environmental Sciences, University of Illinois where he teaches online in its graduate program and mentors M.S. students.

His non-profit leadership experience is varied - Founding Board Member and Officer of Tree San Diego (2014-18), of the University of Illinois YMCA (2004-11), of CC Design and Conservation Foundation (1997-2006), of Grand Prairie Friends (1995-2002), and Board Member of CC Forest Preserve District Foundation.

Laurie Broedling

Laurie Broedling’s career has spanned business, government, and non-profit sectors. From 2014 – 2018 she served as first President and Executive Director of Tree San Diego, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving community sustainability through more resilient urban forests. She led it to become widely recognized for its effective use of a systems approach, building a multi-million-dollar revenue stream. Before that she initiated consideration of environmental issues within Balboa Park. She specializes in how to synergistically link people to their environment for mutual benefit.

Her executive experience is as Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Quality, McDonnell Douglas Corporation; Vice President of People Systems and Employee Involvement, The Boeing Company; Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Quality; and Associate Administrator of NASA for Continual Improvement. Prior to that she directed an applied research program in a Navy behavioral science laboratory. She has also worked as a consultant and trainer helping organizations improve their business outcomes. In all these capacities she has used a skill set of collaboration, strategic planning, program and project management, and customer-focus.

She holds a B.A from Brown University; M.A. and Ph.D. from George Washington University in Industrial-Organizational Psychology. She has taught numerous university MBA courses in strategic planning, human resource management, continuous process improvement, and organizational behavior. She is extensively published including being senior author, Best Practice in Team Excellence (ASQ’s Quality Press 2012) and co-editor, The Collaborative Work Systems Fieldbook.