Anza Borrego

The Anza Borrego desert is filled with an invasive tree called the Tamarisk. For the last 100 years, farmers had been planting them as windbreakers for their grape orchards, and they did a great job! Unfortunately they soak up a large amount of the Anza Borrego ground water. In the 1980s, large number of these trees were pushed over with a tractor and left to die to preserve their water levels, and many of those trees are still sitting there on the side of the road. With the help of the Anza Borrego Desert Natural History Association and local farmers, Lumbercycle was able to access these trees and mill them on site. The wood was BONE dry and ready to use right off the mill but at lot of it was filled with huge checks and sand. We have a project in the making to help rebuild the bridge in their garden, as well as supply benches and an arbor at the ABDNHA headquarters. For more information on ABDNHA and all the great things they do, visit their website: