Reinvesting fallen trees back into their communities.

Lumbercycle's goal is to create sustainability through inclusivity and encourage and support all forms of diversity from age, disability status, income or economic circumstance, ethnicity, gender, race, to religion and sexual orientation. Wood does not discriminate and neither do we!

We are a community sawmill

Our mission is to divert woody biomass from landfills by milling fallen trees into lumber and reinvesting it back into our communities. The vision is to create zero waste utilization of trees.

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We promote forest resiliency

We’ve established a Forest Resiliency Program covering the proper selection, placement, planting, and maintenance of trees to provide maximum benefits to humans and their environment. We strive to create resilient forests in the face of changing conditions such as climate change and development/gray infrastructure.

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We educate the community

We aim to build a living web between arborists, sawmills, schools, and woodworking groups. We do this through tree planting events, sawmill demonstrations, collaboration with other educational organizations, and more.

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Our Partners